Monday Mob Question – Music video’s that made a lasting impression on me from when I secretly watched MTV

Some of them scared me, made me sad, surprised or fascinated me. What are the music video’s you will never forget?


  1. Hungry Like The Wolf, Duran Duran.

    It was like a movie, it was exotic, and the band looked like models striding through the streets of Sri Lanka with beautiful suits and beautiful women hanging off them. And the music was sexy and adventurous – a complete fantasy on the screen for 13yo me…

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    1. I was fascinated and totally traumatized by Metallica’s “one” video, featuring clips from some 1950’s,60’s or 70’s movie about war, and a young soldier who lost all of his senses and was basically just a piece of meat in some military scientifc lab… I was also a bit scared by Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the wall” (all those faceless kids becoming ground beef… and those eerie giant walking hammers somehow creeped me out).

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