Monday Mob Question

I made a Spotify-playlist!

Dear followers, I made a Spotify-playlist.

It is long, and it will continue growing!

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Monday Mob Question – Who’s at nr. 1 in your country!?

I first heard this on the radio back in January when I was soaking in my bathtub on a cold winter evening. All of you who know this song can imagine how perfect that moment was… It took the Belgians a while but, 8 months later, this is now our number one! So it made me wonder, what other hidden treasures are holding the top spots in the rest of the world?

Monday Mob Question – Floorfillers

When I go out with my friends and we’re getting kinda bored on the dancefloor, the first thing they ALWAYS say is ‘Oooooh he should play some Madonna or something…!’

Let’s help those poor DJ’s out here, what’s your and your friends favourite floorfiller!?