The Story In Music – Stromae

It was back in 2009, all was calm in Belgium, when suddenly this happened:

24-year old Stromae, an anagram for maestro, took us by storm, and soon worldwide recognition followed. Even Kanye wanted a piece of the cookie:

He released an album called ‘Cheese’ that contained other top tracks like:

All went quiet again for a couple of years and we all thought sadly enough he was a ‘one hit wonder’.

Especially when this video started circulating on social media of him, alone and drunk one morning at a busy square in Brussels, we had no more hope…

But the masses are stupid! Little did we know he was there secretly filming the video for his new ‘wonderful’ single ‘Formidable’.

For his new album ‘Racine Carrée’, he continued to use his trademark recipe, songs that sound happy and carefree but have rather dark, realistic everyday-life lyrics.

He also showed us his ‘feminine side’:

Supported the Belgian national team:

And we’re looooving the ethnic flavour he added to his latest album:

One thing is sure, he might not be able to fool the masses again, but he will continue to surprise!

PS: Go see him live!