The Mob

Please join The Mob and share your favourite songs right here.

Who’s number one in your country?

Yes, YOU who is sitting there thinking “I know a good one”.

Let us hear it!

Paste the URL in the comment-box bellow and tell us something about it.


  1. Shawn James is the best undiscovered talent out there (my opinion haha)… the power and emotion he generates from that swampy/blues/soul- growl of a voice is unreal! check him out and support him

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  2. This is a lovely idea. I’m going to have fun checking out the music that people have posted here. It’s hard for me to think of ONE track to offer; i can think of too many. But here is one that’s really beautiful: “Francisco” by Milton Nascimento. I’m no expert on his music ( he’s done a LOT), but this one haunts me. I love that he uses voice but no actual words.

    Have a lovely day *u*

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  3. This is a great blog! My newest favourite song is Shadow by Beast ^_^ it’s in Korean.



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