Theme songs

I made a Spotify-playlist!

Dear followers, I made a Spotify-playlist.

It is long, and it will continue growing!

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Theme songs – Monday To Friday

And to sum it all up:

Theme songs – Weekend

Cause 10 x a weekend is better than 1.

Theme songs – Jungle

Theme Songs – Spit

Cause 2016 wasn’t all that great, it deserves a spitlist instead of a hitlist.

And this one.. wait for it… 0:46s

Silence while she spits it out on 2:06s

Theme songs – Kate Moss

A bit of Kate for every mood.

Theme songs – Broken

Mik Mob has broken her ankle, so here are a couple of songs to feel very very sorry for me.

Theme Songs – Fruit Loops

Britney sPEARs didn’t make the cut, but what’s your favourite juicy tune!?

Theme songs – Steel Drums

Because its monday and I don’t think anyone ever felt depressed after hearing a steel drum.

First let’s say hi to JLo…